Psychological Safety, Intersectionality and Inclusion high on your organisations agenda?

Looking for best practice?

OR perhaps you want to get onto the Stonewall Top 100 list?

Maybe you are already on the list but you are sliding down the rankings and want to reinvigorate life into your existing LGBT+ strategy?

Gina works with organisations to:

  • Assess current workplace culture – is psychological safety and intersectionality fully embedded in your workplace? Is it a safe and inclusive place to work?
  • Ensure all your Diversity and Inclusion strands work together, not in silos
  • Design a long term Psychological Safety, LGBT+ Inclusion and Intersectionality strategy, bespoke for your organisations needs
  • Execute the Psychological Safety, LGBT+ Inclusion and Intersectionality strategy – including highly practical actions
  • Develop bespoke Psychological Safety, LGBT+ and Intersectionality training and workshop programmes for different needs within your organisation (senior leadership team, managers, HR team, employees)
  • Company wide roll out of the bespoke training programme
  • Review and update existing training programmes, strategy and policies.
  • Advise on key areas that need to be developed to ensure LGBT+ employees and customers feel safe, valued and you have products they want to buy!
  • Conduct research with your LGBT+ employees, customers and leadership team: interviews, observation of behaviour & provide objective feedback

Training For Companies

Providing an extensive range of psychological safety, LGBT and intersectionality training for multinationals across the UK & US.

Psychological Safety Programme

Providing a bespoke programme of psychological safety and inclusion consultancy, training and hands on support to companies in the UK and US.



Gina is called upon, worldwide to deliver her insights by global organisations.

Watching Gina at work is mesmerising.

As a presenter, Gina has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver original and useful insights that lead to individuals showing up as their whole self at work.

As a result, individuals execute their best work, teams achieve outstanding results and organisations becoming unbeatable.

  • Gina is currently represented by Raise The Bar, the UK's leading Speakers Bureau.

Read more about Gina's specialisms and key talking points:

  • Psychological Safety
  • Intersectionality
  • LGBT+ Inclusion
  • How To Be Your Authentic Self At Work: Bringing All Of Who You Are To Work
  • Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Fluidity
  • LGBT+ Issues: Relationships, Coming Out, Transitioning, Mindset, Personal Development
  • Intersectionality in the workplace
  • What is psychological safety
  • Bringing Your Whole Self To Work
  • The biggest challenges LGBT+ people face
  • How to support LGBT+ employees
  • Authenticity
  • Coming Out
  • LGBT+ Inclusion Strategy
  • LGBT+ Relationships
  • Transitioning At Work
  • Mindset
  • Personal Development

An experience with Gina will touch all your senses and leave you and your team energised and reignited.

Don’t take our word for it though, check out the testimonials below

"Gina recently hosted a session for us around being your authentic self in the workplace. Our colleagues who attended left feeling inspired & more engaged with the business & Gina kindly offered colleagues a follow-up session free! The feedback we had from colleagues has been amazing & we are hoping to do more work with Gina in the future. Any business serious about Diversity & Inclusion would aim to create a culture where people can perform & be their personal best. This was a great session on the journey to achieving that."
"Gina was a guest speaker at an event in AstraZeneca. Gina delivered an interactive conversation on the topic of bringing your whole self to work and LGBT inclusion. The feedback was extremely positive and I would highly recommend working with Gina on any corporate event relating to inclusion, diversity and LGBT topics."
“It was a joy to work with Gina. Gina is fun and focused. I highly endorse her & love her. I will work with her again. If you have chance to work with Gina – do it. She’s the best!”
“I had the pleasure of meeting and working with this amazing woman last week … She is phenomenal!”
“Gina touches our audiences in a way I have never seen before. She has an electric presence which, when coupled with her humour, passion and energy, inspired everyone in the room.”
“Tiny but with a lot of power!”
“Your talk was fantastic and very inspiring….to be honest the first thing to inspire me in an extremely long time.”
“Gina’s presentation in front of a room full of professional speakers was punchy, passionate and proficient.”
“Gina motivates business leaders & professionals to achieve their full potential.”
OMG!!!! Your training session was just wonderful. I loved the layout of our training, the time and energy that you put into the simplicity of the terminology and that you spoke to it with integrity and care. You opened a lot of minds and hearts today with your insightful and gentle approach to helping us as a company learn to be better and more thoughtful people. I would recommend you 1000x over. Thank you again!!
“I was immediately impressed with Gina’s infectious personality. She speaks with such authority on her subject and is not in the least bit reserved in sharing her knowledge and experience. She inspires all who have the privilege of hearing her speak.”
Described as “The Best of Louise Hay and Ellen DeGeneres.”
"Britain's equivalent to Oprah Winfrey, Gina Battye is one of the world's hottest rising stars."
“Gina is amazing. She’s an absolute bundle of energy and makes you feel like you can take on the world. She’s smart, sassy and wise. She initiated an incredibly powerful SHIFT in me. I’m so happy to have Gina in my life.”
“Rock Star Gina is so awesome. I love what she is doing. If you get the opportunity to work with her – DO IT!”
"My love to Gina, my dear friend. It was a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her to you."
"This was magic. I loved it. It is great to meet someone that stands in their own power - GO YOU! You have a wonderful, lovely energy and I loved sharing the space with you. Keep sharing and doing what you are doing. You are making a huge difference in the world."
"I had such a great experience working with Gina. I love her. The thing I love most about her is she leads by example and she's done such a great job with her own life."


Have a product or service you want to get out to the LGBT+ community?

You need a prominent LGBT+ Influencer that is extensively networked in the global LGBT+ community.

Gina is THE ONE.

Whether you are looking for an LGBT+ Influencer to feature in your upcoming campaigns, brand imagery and messaging or to be a spokesperson for your brand, look no further!

Be it in mainstream print, online marketing, broadcast marketing or advertising campaigns...

Gina is open for applications to:

  • Be the face of your next campaign
  • Be a spokesperson for your brand and business
  • Speak at your next conference, corporate event or away day


Looking to diversify your product range, develop new products or tweak your communication strategies to reach the LGBT+ audience?

Working with Gina you will:

  • Research the wants and needs of the LGBT+ community.
  • Develop any new products and services alongside your LGBT+ employees.
  • Tailor your existing products or services to meet the needs of LGBT+ consumers.
  • Explore the possibilities of adding gender neutral options to your product range.
  • Consider the aesthetics of your store. Is it LGBT+ friendly?
  • Identify a list of target media outlets to spread the word about your LGBT+ campaign and products!

Gina is available for Consultancy Advice for:

  • Product adaption
  • Future campaigns
  • LGBT+ communication strategies
23Years Experience
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11Years Of Sold Out Coaching Programmes
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Gina Battye has helped teams all around the world unleash the highest potential of their people and develop employees to bring all of who they are to work.

Unlocking creativity, deepening the connection between employees and bringing ALL of you to work Gina supports your company to reach its strategic objectives fast.

Working with Gina is a unique and fascinating experience.

Here are a few of the snippets people have said about the impact of Gina’s presentations:


Initiation of a powerful shift deep within – to make immediate changes & ensure lasting impact


Making sense of those complex (and often hidden) things that are sabotaging our success


Guiding our people in a powerful way to take action & to get things done


Gina has a deep understanding of people & inspires them to reach optimal results


Gina creates an immediate emotional connection with her audience


Gina is expressive, intuitive & exhilarating


Gina captures widespread attention through her colourful ideas, pictures, words & actions


Gina’s personal, heartfelt experiences and having been in the same shoes as her clients, provide her with a diverse tool box to draw from and an authenticity clients really appreciate

Gina Battye Is A World Renowned Psychological Safety, LGBT and Intersectionality Consultant, Trainer & Speaker

Gina Battye is a world renowned consultant and trainer for multinational corporations, Fortune 500s + Leading Global Organisations, TV, Film, Theatre, Radio and the Global Press.

Gina is called upon worldwide to deliver her insights, training and specialist knowledge.

Quite simply, Gina works miracles with everyone that crosses her path. Not just the LGBT ones.

When everyone in your organisation feels able to bring all of themselves to work, the impact on inclusion, productivity, creativity & innovation is HUGE.

Gina is a passionate and knowledgeable LGBT specialist who delivers unique and powerful consultancy and corporate training worldwide. Gina creates breakthroughs every day for the LGBT community, on a global scale.

She has helped teams all around the world unleash the highest (untapped) potential of their people and develop employees to bring all of who they are to work.