GINA BATTYE IS a world renowned LGBT+ Inclusion Trainer, Keynote Speaker & Coach

Gina is called upon worldwide to deliver her insights, training and specialist knowledge, by leading global organisations and Fortune 500 companies.

Described as “The Best of Louise Hay and Ellen DeGeneres” Gina is a passionate, knowledgeable and renowned LGBT+ specialist who delivers unique, powerful, heartfelt 121 coaching & corporate training worldwide. Gina creates breakthroughs every day for the LGBT+ community, on a global scale.

She has helped teams all around the world unleash the highest potential of their people and develop employees to bring all of who they are to work.

Quite simply, Gina works miracles with everyone that crosses her path. Not just the LGBT+ ones.

When everyone in your organisation feels able to bring all of themselves to work, the impact on inclusion, productivity, creativity & innovation is HUGE.

Specialising in LGBT+ Inclusion, Transgender and Non-Binary training for your organisation AND creating a FULLY inclusive organisational culture (enabling everyone to be their authentic and true selves at work) - Gina unleashes untapped potential within your workforce.

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LGBT+ individuals are often overlooked for promotions or to progress into leadership roles.

Gina provides specialist LGBT+ Authentic Leadership Programmes to work directly with your LGBT+ individuals.

The Authentic Leadership Programme is a 12 month specialised coaching programme, for a small group of LGBT+ aspiring leaders to work directly with an LGBT+ leadership coach (that's Gina...) to develop key authentic leadership skills.

There are 3 stages to the 12 month LGBT+ Authentic Leadership Programme.

The 3 stages to the programme ensure a lasting positive impact on the participants AND for your organisation.

Participants learn and put into practise key leadership skills so they can become an AUTHENTIC leader. They put these into practice over a 12 month period, with in-person support from Gina throughout.

After the initial training, Gina will work closely with all the participants through regular group coaching sessions. These will be delivered in-house. Participants will also identify an LGBT+ Buddy to access support internally.


Gina’s signature training programme has 3 stages



5 x 3.5 hour training sessions, delivered on-site. A bespoke training package will be written and delivered based on your organisational needs.


8 x 3.5 hour coaching sessions with Gina on-site.


1 x 3.5 hour training session on the Buddy System to be able to self-facilitate the discussions outside of the coaching sessions.


Focusing on creating and implementing a culture of inclusion throughout the whole business.

Session Outcomes:
  • Supporting leaders to foster an inclusive working environment - where every employee can bring their whole self to work, without fear or modifying behaviour
  • Selecting and recruiting appropriate LGBT+ allies
  • Developing teaching capability for selected members of staff to educate and support line managers with their LGBT+ staff
  • Selecting, applying and raising awareness within the workplace of LGBT+ inclusion strategies
  • Facilitating discussions around LGBT+ issues in the workplace

Session Outline:
  1. LGBT+ definitions and exploration of key terms
  2. Strategies that LGBT+ individuals develop to function in the workplace
  3. Inclusivity in the workplace
  4. The biggest challenges LGBT+ individuals face in the workplace
  5. How to support LGBT+ individuals in the workplace
  6. Feedback, resources and next steps
Focusing on how to support your Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid Employees in the workplace – before, during and after ‘coming out’.

  • LGBT+ definitions and exploration of key terms
  • The biggest challenges Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid individuals face in the workplace
  • How to support Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid individuals in the workplace
Gina details the elements you need to consider and practical strategies you can implement in the workplace as an:
  • Individual
  • Employer
  • 3.5 hour bespoke workshop with onsite delivery
  • 3 hours preparation of materials and the content
  • 0.5 hour discussion with a key member of the team to agree the content of the workshop
  • Price excludes expenses

Want to know what training with Gina is like?

Check out the feedback from those that booked Gina to train their employees below!

"My Go To Person for all matters of LGBT inclusion at work! I had the pleasure of working with Gina twice this year when she delivered an authenticity talk to AstraZeneca's LGBT employee resource group and LGBT inclusion training to AstraZeneca's HR team. I am always impressed by the level of energy and enthusiasm that Gina brings into her work. She leads engaging and informative sessions. She is friendly and approachable and fosters a safe environment for thought provoking and non judgemental discussion. I would highly recommend working with Gina on any topic relating to LGBT inclusion and bringing your whole self to work!"
“The AstraZeneca group of companies believes people give their best and are at their most creative when they have a great place to work. We see inclusion & feeling valued as core to that experience. It’s important to me as an HR professional that my function role models inclusivity – after all we are the custodians of an employee’s experience with the company from the moment they think about AstraZeneca as a potential employer until the moment they leave us. Recent research reveals that as many as 83% of LGBT people from multiple organisations don’t feel they can be their true self at work. For us this is unacceptable in a business that believes inclusion is vital. Working with Gina to develop our knowledge, awareness and understanding equips our HR team with some new insights which we can use to influence our culture and practices to visibly demonstrate our commitment and aspiration to being more inclusive.”  
“The leadership team of the AstraZeneca LGBT+ employee resource group, recognises that the issues surrounding being LGBT+ in the workplace are complex and not easy to understand without reliable access to contemporary information. We also understand that non-LGBT+ individuals can feel nervous about asking questions for fear of saying the wrong thing. The core purpose of our group is to provide peer support, development opportunities and professional networking for our LGBT+ colleagues. However, we have evolved as a reference point for the business on LGBT+ inclusion, a role we take very seriously. We wanted to achieve a safe space for HR professionals to explore LGBT+ issues and have all questions answered without judgement. We decided to work with Gina after following her work on authenticity. Her collaborative approach to develop and deliver this workshop met our requirements with ease. We achieved a measured improvement in understanding amongst participants with feedback stating a desire to learn more. We are delighted that HR leadership has supported this series of workshops, as it demonstrates a clear commitment to do the right thing, embrace LGBT+ culture and be an inclusive employer of choice.”
"Gina - you are amazing! I think everyone left the session invigorated and I am already seeing posts this morning of how people are energising those who couldn't make it."
"I’m still buzzing from yesterday – what a great day! You were absolutely brilliant. I heard so many people say that your session was the highlight of their day yesterday so thank you for all your work putting it together and running it on the day. It was an absolutely fantastic session, Gina! It was a pleasure to host you and thank you for your inspiration. This is not the end of the conversation on authenticity, just the start."
"Gina recently hosted a session for us around being your authentic self in the workplace. Inclusion creates a culture where people can come to work & be their true self, feel celebrated & supported & perform better. Our colleagues who attended left feeling inspired & more engaged with the business & Gina kindly offered colleagues a follow up session free! The feedback we had from colleagues has been amazing & we are hoping to do more work with Gina in the future. Any business serious about Diversity & Inclusion would aim to create a culture where people can perform & be their personal best. This was a great session on the journey to achieving that."
"OMG!!!! Your session was just wonderful. I said that I thought you were genuinely amazing and a member of my team said, “that’s because she is amazingly genuine”!! I loved the layout, the time and energy that you put into the simplicity of the terminology and that you spoke to it with integrity and care. We are so thrilled to have had this opportunity and you will be happy to know that after our session, our team conversation stayed on topic. We had people share that within their own families they have gay and transgender family members and that they were so thankful to have been able to gain more insight."
"Inspiring and informative session! Thanks Gina! You have given us a lot to think about to ensure we keep moving the dial around inclusion."
"I wasn’t sure what to expect today but you ran a truly inspirational session Gina. Well done for keeping us to time as well - we are a passionate bunch in the HR department."



Gina is called upon, worldwide to deliver her insights by global organisations.

Watching Gina at work is mesmerising.

As a presenter, Gina has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver original and useful insights that lead to individuals showing up as their whole self at work.

As a result, individuals execute their best work, teams achieve outstanding results and organisations becoming unbeatable.

  • Gina is currently represented by Raise The Bar, the UK's leading Speakers Bureau.

Read more about Gina's specialisms and key talking points:

  • How To Be Your Authentic Self At Work: Bringing All Of Who You Are To Work
  • Authentic Self: Finding The Real You
  • LGBT+ Inclusion: Gina specialises in Transgender and Non-Binary training and coaching
  • LGBT+ Issues: Coming Out, Transitioning, Relationships, Mindset, Personal Development
  • Authenticity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Coming Out
  • LGBT+ In Leadership Roles
  • LGBT+ Inclusion Strategy
  • Employee Engagement
  • LGBT+ Relationships
  • Transitioning At Work
  • Mindset
  • Personal Development


Gina Battye has helped teams all around the world unleash the highest potential of their people and develop employees to bring all of who they are to work.

Unlocking creativity, deepening the connection between employees and bringing ALL of you to work Gina supports your company to reach its strategic objectives fast.

Working with Gina is a unique and fascinating experience.

Here are a few of the snippets people have said about the impact of Gina’s presentations:


Initiation of a powerful shift deep within – to make immediate changes & ensure lasting impact


Making sense of those complex (and often hidden) things that are sabotaging our success


Guiding our people in a powerful way to take action & to get things done


Gina has a deep understanding of people & inspires them to reach optimal results


Gina creates an immediate emotional connection with her audience


Gina is expressive, intuitive & exhilarating


Gina captures widespread attention through her colourful ideas, pictures, words & actions


Gina’s personal, heartfelt experiences and having been in the same shoes as her clients, provide her with a diverse tool box to draw from and an authenticity clients really appreciate

An experience with Gina will touch all your senses and leave you and your team energised and reignited.

Don’t take our word for it though, check out the testimonials below

"Gina recently hosted a session for us around being your authentic self in the workplace. Our colleagues who attended left feeling inspired & more engaged with the business & Gina kindly offered colleagues a follow-up session free! The feedback we had from colleagues has been amazing & we are hoping to do more work with Gina in the future. Any business serious about Diversity & Inclusion would aim to create a culture where people can perform & be their personal best. This was a great session on the journey to achieving that."
"Gina was a guest speaker at an event in AstraZeneca. Gina delivered an interactive conversation on the topic of bringing your whole self to work and LGBT inclusion. The feedback was extremely positive and I would highly recommend working with Gina on any corporate event relating to inclusion, diversity and LGBT topics."
“It was a joy to work with Gina. Gina is fun and focused. I highly endorse her & love her. I will work with her again. If you have chance to work with Gina – do it. She’s the best!”
“I had the pleasure of meeting and working with this amazing woman last week … She is phenomenal!”
“Gina touches our audiences in a way I have never seen before. She has an electric presence which, when coupled with her humour, passion and energy, inspired everyone in the room.”
“Tiny but with a lot of power!”
“Your talk was fantastic and very inspiring….to be honest the first thing to inspire me in an extremely long time.”
“Gina’s presentation in front of a room full of professional speakers was punchy, passionate and proficient.”
“Gina motivates business leaders & professionals to achieve their full potential.”
OMG!!!! Your training session was just wonderful. I loved the layout of our training, the time and energy that you put into the simplicity of the terminology and that you spoke to it with integrity and care. You opened a lot of minds and hearts today with your insightful and gentle approach to helping us as a company learn to be better and more thoughtful people. I would recommend you 1000x over. Thank you again!!
“I was immediately impressed with Gina’s infectious personality. She speaks with such authority on her subject and is not in the least bit reserved in sharing her knowledge and experience. She inspires all who have the privilege of hearing her speak.”
Described as “The Best of Louise Hay and Ellen DeGeneres.”
"Britain's equivalent to Oprah Winfrey, Gina Battye is one of the world's hottest rising stars."
“Gina is amazing. She’s an absolute bundle of energy and makes you feel like you can take on the world. She’s smart, sassy and wise. She initiated an incredibly powerful SHIFT in me. I’m so happy to have Gina in my life.”
“Rock Star Gina is so awesome. I love what she is doing. If you get the opportunity to work with her – DO IT!”
"My love to Gina, my dear friend. It was a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her to you."
"This was magic. I loved it. It is great to meet someone that stands in their own power - GO YOU! You have a wonderful, lovely energy and I loved sharing the space with you. Keep sharing and doing what you are doing. You are making a huge difference in the world."
"I had such a great experience working with Gina. I love her. The thing I love most about her is she leads by example and she's done such a great job with her own life."

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