Thrive Psychological Safety Program

Thrive is a comprehensive 3-year change management program designed for multinational corporations.

Hierarchy of Needs - Psychological Safety

By embarking on this 3-year journey, you will unleash the untapped potential within your organisation.

It will pave the way for a psychologically safe workplace where all employees thrive, and teams consistently perform at their best.

We strongly recommend that, before embarking on any Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy or work program, you prioritise establishing a foundation of psychological safety.

Psychological safety is the bedrock of diversity, equity and inclusion. It is the foundation upon which an inclusive culture is built. Prioritising psychological safety will trigger a significant transformation in your organisational culture, enabling individuals to thrive.

Year 1

Orientation and Fact-Finding

Begin with a thorough review of your existing resources, such as employee engagement results, retention data, policies, procedures and programs. Conduct research and gather insights from your employees, managers and leaders.

Silver Lux Roll-Out

Launch the Silver Lux diagnostic tool, analyse the data and provide you with the Thrive Report, which includes recommendations for the first year.

Change Management Strategy Design

Define your change management strategy, encompassing a delivery plan with clear timelines, communication strategy and a learning strategy.

Learning and Development

Conduct awareness-raising sessions for all employees, communicating the program's vision and its objectives for the upcoming three years. Deliver 2 e-learning programs and introduce a 12-month individual coaching program tailored to selected leaders and managers.

Year 2

Monitoring and Evaluation

Administer the Lux survey again, analyse the results and provide recommendations for the second year based on the findings.

Learning and Development

Implement a tailored training program for all employees, incorporating insights from Lux results. Additionally, create 3 pre-recorded training sessions for onboarding new employees. Distribute the Psychological Safety Toolkit and Authentic Self Journal.

Year 3

Learning and Development

Provide training sessions to all employees and introduce the Train the Trainer program and Champions program.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Continue to monitor progress through the Lux survey retake, analyse results and make recommendations for Year 3. At the program's end, conduct an evaluation using an end-of-program survey and perform a final Lux survey retake. Analyse the data, provide recommendations and outline the next steps.


Roll-out Assistance

Our team will provide support for the annual Lux roll-out, ensuring its effective delivery. Admin support will be available to manage program logistics and facilitators will be on hand for virtual training sessions.

Counselling Services

Access virtual counselling services 1 day per week. Our trained specialist is available to address any individual issues that may arise during the program. Individuals can conveniently book appointments directly on their calendar.

To Roll Out Thrive In Your Organisation

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