CEO of the Psychological Safety Institute: Gina Battye

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Gina Battye is a world-renowned speaker on Psychological Safety, and author of The Authentic Organization: How to Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace.

Elevate your corporate events with Gina, CEO of the Psychological Safety Institute, a dynamic and insightful speaker who specialises in cultivating psychological safety and embracing the Authentic Self in the workplace.

Gina delivers compelling talks on a range of crucial topics, including:

  • Psychological safety
  • The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety
  • The Hierarchy of Psychological Safety
  • The importance of bringing your Authentic Self to work
  • Cultivating environments where teams thrive
  • Fostering inclusive communication practices
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • The art of creating safe spaces within your organisation
  • Navigating LGBT+ inclusion

Book Gina to ignite meaningful conversations, inspire positive change and propel your workplace toward a culture of authenticity, inclusion and psychological safety.

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