Gina Battye is an experienced expert on LGBT+, Authenticity & Psychological Safety for the media: TV, Film, Radio & Global Press

Specialisms: LGBT, Authenticity & Psychological Safety for TV, Film, Radio, Global Press

15 years ago Gina Battye created the Authentic Self Process, and more recently The 5 Pillars Of Psychological Safety, which led her to become a world-renowned Psychological Safety, Authentic Self and LGBT Consultant and Trainer for multinational corporations & Fortune 500's.

Gina's reputation and unique insights have gained her mass media appeal and coverage.

She is an advisor for the BBC and ITV.

Her articles are read by 10 million people every week.

As a media friendly experienced expert, with an acting background, Gina's work has been featured widely in the media, including:

Sky News, BBC, Forbes, The Telegraph, BBC Three, Huffington Post, The Times, The Sun, Psychologies, Cosmopolitan, Metro, The Stage, Pink News, Vice, Gay Star News, Diva and Curve.

Gina is available for TV Presenting and Celebrity Interviews

Gina is particularly interested in TV presenting and co-host roles; documentaries and magazine shows.

Since winning a Speaker Of The Year Award, Gina Battye gained international recognition and a celebrity following.

Gina has interviewed Olympic medallists, Hollywood actors, household name best-selling authors, world record holders, award winning journalists, celebrity dentists, the first primetime actress to come out as a lesbian – to name a few.

Her style of interviewing is not based on surface level conversation.

She likes to delve deep and find out about the person ‘hiding behind the mask’, who they really are.

She encourages them to open up and engage with her from their Authentic Self.

Interests: LGBT, travel, relationships, work, authenticity and psychological safety.

She has been creating content since 2014 for her followers, now with over 10 million people accessing her content and teachings each week.

Gina is available to comment on current news stories - for TV, radio and print media

Gina Battye has been featured in leading global newspapers and magazines and interviewed by TV and radio stations around the world.

Confident and at ease in front of the camera and on live radio, BBC Radio, Sky News and the mainstream media worldwide regularly contact Gina to comment on LGBT+, gender identity and inclusion related current news.

Gina writes LGBT+ articles for Pink News, Diva and Curve Magazine and has been featured in ForbesPsychologies, Cosmopolitan, BBC Three, MetroThe Telegraph and The Times to name a few well known publications.

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Gina Battye created the Playing It Gay Guidelines, for straight actors playing gay characters.

Gina started acting at the age of 11 years old. She went on to study Drama and Acting and toured a play IN Hungarian to Hungary. She was pretty good at the lingo!

Later she completed a Degree in Theatre Design, specialising in light and sound, before going on to TEACH acting and voice to budding actors.

At home in front of the audience (and camera lens) AND behind the scenes in rehearsal rooms, live sets and backstage, Gina has been called upon to advise and consult on best practice for actors playing LGBT+ characters; to ensure authentic delivery of LGBT+ characters and LGBT+ relationships in film, TV, theatre and radio.

As a result of this work, Gina created the Playing It Gay Guidelines.

Gina specialises in creating authentic gay/lesbian characters (using mind-body types), LGBT+ relationships and intimacy, being your Authentic Self, LGBT+ mindset and self-help.

Gina Battye Is A World Renowned Psychological Safety & LGBT+ Trainer, Speaker, Presenter, Best-Selling Author & Writer

Available For Expert Comment * TV & Radio Interviews * TV Presenting * Case Study Features * Q&As * Guest Blog/Vlog

Gina is a trusted resource, expert voice and 'go to person' for comment and interview for the mainstream press (such as the BBC).

A regular columnist for leading LGBT+ and mainstream magazines worldwide, Gina is called upon to deliver her insights and specialist knowledge.

Hot topics Gina comments on: being your Authentic Self, authenticity and inclusion in the workplace, psychological safety and LGBT+: relationships, transgender, non-binary, coming out, mindset and personal development.

Gina often shares her unique insights via her own feature articles, columns, blogs and vlogs on LGBT+ issues and being the 'real you' with truth, humour and compassion.

Through her work as a regular columnist for leading mainstream and LGBT+ magazines worldwide, Gina is advising, mentoring and transforming the lives of thousands of employees and LGBT+ individuals around the world.

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Areas For Comment Include


Educating and discussing issues and challenges LGBT+ individuals face: at home, at work and in society. Sexuality, gender identity and gender expression

Authentic Self

Reconnecting people with their true and authentic selves, unleashing untapped potential

Bringing your whole self to work

How To Be Your Authentic Self At Work. No more hiding, censoring or pretending to be someone else

LGBT+ Relationships

Gina is called upon by leading mainstream publications to discuss LGBT+ relationships, LGBT+ dating, same-sex marriage and divorce

Psychological Safety

Creating a culture where employees can come to work & be their true self, feel celebrated, supported & as a result perform better

Personal Development

A huge advocate for personal development, Gina is called upon to comment on personal development and spiritual growth in leading global publications

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