Authentic Self Program

The Authentic Self Program is a 1-2-1 program, taking you through Gina's signature Authentic Self Process.

The Authentic Self Process is an extraordinarily powerful 3 step system that empowers you to bring all of who you are to work and life.


Gina’s signature coaching programme has 3 steps

Gina uses a revolutionary approach alongside powerful strategies to

Explore other people's expectations of you, what others think of you and how other people treat you. You will be liberated from them all.

Examine the (high) standards you have set for yourself over the years. You will relax those.

Delve into your childhood programs and identify the ones that negatively impact on how you feel, think and behave. You will free yourself from those.

Question how your mind works to uncover the thoughts you keep thinking. You will identify the unhelpful ones and release those.

Search inwards into what situations and people trigger you to feel, think or behave negatively. You will lessen the impact these have on you.

Identify the stories you have created about past experiences, that are negatively impacting on your present. You will rewrite those stories.

  • The Authentic Self Process
  • The Communication Cycle
  • The CollabZen Methodology
  • Curiosity Sessions: reflective practice
  • Creativity Workshops: problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Being Your Authentic Self: With Family, Friends, At Work, Socially
  • Releasing Your Past, Expectations, Old Childhood Messages: The Things That Keep You Stuck
  • How To Be Your Authentic Self At Work: Taking Off The Masks You Wear That Hide The Real You
  • Healing Your Relationships: With Yourself, Partner, Family, Parents, In-laws, Managers, Team, Colleagues
  • Being Your Authentic Self: For Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Queer, Gender Fluid Individuals
  • LGBT+ Issues: Coming Out, Transitioning, Navigating Relationships, Mindset Issues, Personal Development
  • Be your Authentic Self
  • Stop you from worrying about what other people think of you, your work and your personal life
  • Get rid of the feeling of “I’m not good enough”
  • Get rid of the feeling of “imposter syndrome”
  • Change the way you think about certain situations and people, based on previous experiences you’ve had
  • Define and confidently communicate and assert your personal boundaries
  • Realise the goals that you’ve set out to achieve: personally and professionally
  • Enhance your connection and social interactions with individuals; to create and nurture healthy relationships
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Bring all of who you are to work & to your family life
  • Actively release those things that are holding you back
  • Breakthrough insights that will enable you to be your Authentic Self in ANY situation
  • What stops you from bringing your whole self to work and affects your performance and behaviour
  • Strategies to enable you to bring your whole self to work and take back control of the things that affect your performance and behaviour at work
  • Personal leadership strategies - so you can reach your full potential and achieve your personal and professional goals at work
  • Communication strategies, to enhance and nurture your relationships
  • Ways to work and live with more joy, meaning and passion
  • Powerful strategies to get your health to remarkable levels and have boundless energy
  • An extraordinary system to uncover and reprogramme your wonky beliefs, old conditioning and generational patterns.
  • Revolutionary tools and powerful strategies to identify AND release your fears, doubts, anxieties and all the past judgements and criticisms you have experienced (and internalised)
  • Ways to deal with difficult situations and conflict, in a calm and peaceful manner
  • The effects of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and interphobia and what you can do about it
  • The ULTIMATE way to Come Out and Be Out at work
Rest assured, Gina leaves no stone unturned.


1-2-1 Program Online

£From 2,250

  • Six month programme
  • Online Video sessions
  • 2 x calls per month .
  • Payment Plans Available ,
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1-2-1 Program VIP Days


  • One day programme
  • Face-to-face sessions
  • 6 hours per day .
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1-2-1 Program Face-to-Face


  • Six month programme
  • Face-to-face/Online sessions
  • UK: 2 x 6 hour days per month .
  • NON UK: 1 x 6 hour day & 2 x online calls per month ,
  • Discuss

Want to know what it is like to work with Gina?

Check out the feedback from previous clients below!

"Although Gina is renowned for her LGBT+ work, her authentic self programme works for anyone. I’ve had two coaching programmes with Gina over recent years and both have brought me closer to being truly authentic and doing what I love. Why would I recommend Gina? She’s a great listener, intuitive, insightful, makes connections that you can’t see and facilitates your own personal epiphanies. If you want to partner with a coach who is spiritually intuitive, committed to support you, someone who reads between the lines, pays attention to what you’re not saying, has great energy and a marvellous sense of humour then you will have a fabulous experience with Gina. Your life will be better for it."
"Working with Gina was a transformative, inspiring, energising and empowering experience. We talked about authenticity, ego and spirit based living, what I need to be mindful of when playing an LGBT+ character, how to be a more authentic actor (and create authentic characters) and so much more! Light bulbs were switched on in my head, the fog lifted and the thoughts that were holding me back were unravelled. We identified the beliefs that were going to get in the way with me pursuing my acting career and have limited how I have showed up in the world so far. Gina is a genius and I highly recommend working with her if you are an actor or director working in TV and film."
"Gina has an ability to see through to the heart of things, to unblock barriers to progress and positively set out a route map to unlock potential in people. I highly recommend Gina for helping prepare for better business leadership. It is not only people from the LGBT community that can benefit from Gina’s work, I believe Gina has the potential to unlock the potential in anybody that is seeking to unlock their potential."
“Gina teaches, she guides, she supports to help clients find their answers, and find their true selves. From here she is with them all the way as they then tackle, work, relationships and internal beliefs to help create a happier, more fulfilled life, without the mask.”
“Gina is testament to the power of the mind, and of retraining our brains using proven tools, to be comfortable in our own skin.”
“Gina is here to help those who have hit rock bottom, struggling with their identity and their place in the world, as well as those who just feel something isn’t quite right.”
“Gina is amazing. She’s an absolute bundle of energy and makes you feel like you can take on the world. She’s smart, sassy and wise. She initiated an incredibly powerful SHIFT in me. I’m so happy to have Gina in my life.”
“It was a joy to work with Gina. Gina is fun and focused. I highly endorse her & love her. I will work with her again. If you have chance to work with Gina – do it. She’s the best!”
“Gina has a unique way of making you examine a situation from a completely different viewpoint. She gets right to the heart of the issue and seems to turn something apparently insurmountable into a mere bump in the road. Her positive spirit is infectious. I highly recommend her, she listens, focusses and you'll come away with new determination.”
“I am finally being ME again. You helped me rediscover the me that I was back in my 30s, and be that at 60. Very cool ~ very grateful.”
“I released something very deep rooted which has haunted me for years.”
"I felt more focused and clear than I had for a long time, and more confident to move forward in a way that's more in tune with my authentic self, my skillset, interests and flow. I came away feeling open to new opportunities - and most importantly, with a list of practical actions I can take in the next few weeks and months to move me forward."
"I have worked with Gina for 3 years. What a huge transformation it has been for me in ALL areas of my life. The coaching was focused on my business, initially. That was the platform. HOWEVER, our work together has impacted on all areas of my personal and spiritual life. We went to places that were so deep, to the core of what was going on for me. I loved that about our work. None of this surface level stuff. Gina went to the core and worked with me there. I released the expectations I had of myself and the obligations I thought I had. We worked through old thoughts, conditioning from childhood and released all the things that have been holding me back. I have evolved into a truly authentic leader!"
"Gina is so fricking inspiring! Wow. What can I say. I was introduced to Gina when I was working on a film. The minute I met her, I knew she was the one. I was struggling to emotionally connect with the gay character I was playing. We worked together 1-2-1 to break down all the barriers I had, the inhibitions, the old messages I heard as a kid that were getting in the way of me creating a truly authentic gay character. That time together was intense and so so powerful for me as an actor. Not only that, Gina was on set with me. She whispered words in my ear when no-one else could see I was struggling to connect to my character, to remind me of what I had learnt in my one-to-one sessions about LGBT+ thought patterns, issues and lifestyle. She was on hand to make sure I was creating the most authentic character that the audience would deeply connect to. Honestly, Gina is a legend and I would HIGHLY recommend her. Now, I pick up the phone regularly to Gina and I email her - for advice, to check in and make sure I am always creating authentic characters - whether LGBT+ or otherwise. And Gina - thank you for being yourself, your kind, generous, loving, giving, beautiful self. You are the only one I would go to for authenticity and LGBT+ support xx"
"Gina gives you a confidence that women all too often can't find for themselves. In the space of a few months, she helped me challenge and define my values. And, she helped me stop thinking like an imposter and start acting like a woman trying to make the best of every day. I am so grateful to her for the challenge, the kindness and the courage to be a better version of me. Thank you Gina. You're awesome."
“Rock Star Gina is so awesome. I love what she is doing. If you get the opportunity to work with her – DO IT!”
“Fear, Self-Doubt & Procrastination were replaced with Joy, Confidence & Action. I have not felt this level of Happiness and Groundedness in YEARS!!”
“Gina guides you through experience and from being an open soul, without judgement. She doesn’t provide answers based on a process. She guides you to reconnect to yourself in order to find the answers from within.”
“In 6 months, I went on a fantastic journey to reconnect with my true self and soul purpose. Gina offers both spiritual and practical guidance that helped me through a very difficult transitional time.”
“Gina is such an amazing person to work with. She has an intuitive instinct and a very powerful way to work through your inner issues like she has a crystal ball. I love the energy she brings to her work.”
“I have not spoken with anyone about this before. I no longer feel I am not good enough. I KNOW I am good enough! Imposter syndrome no longer exists for me. This is a massive shift and is having a huge impact on how I show up in all areas of my life.”
“I knew there was something more I was here to do. I rediscovered and defined what lit me up, brought me joy and mattered the most to me. But it also uncovered some false beliefs that were in the way of me achieving my goal. We worked on those. Gina hears beyond the words spoken to uncover the thoughts and beliefs that shape the words. She uses her intuitive gift to help guide.”
“When I came to Gina several months ago for some guidance I was a bit of a lost soul, carrying around what felt like hoards of negative thoughts. I was unclear as to what was causing this negative force field and I had began questioning my self-worth and purpose. Gina led me through a number of releasing experiences for my old thoughts, beliefs, childhood conditioning, fears and anxieties. I have been amazed at how connected I feel now. I feel more joy and peace with life now than at any other time I can recall.“
“Gina has created a space for reflection, conversation and sharing that feels like an oasis in amongst the hustle and bustle of daily life. Gina facilitates sessions with a strong steer, encouraging us to be open, sharing and comfortable with our truths.”

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