Psychological Safety Toolkit

Psychological Safety Toolkit

Our Psychological Safety Toolkit is tailor-made for leaders and managers.

This invaluable resource is meticulously designed to empower leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to establish a psychologically safe workplace. It builds upon the insights of the Authentic Self Journal and provides powerful strategies and insights to assist you in your role as a leader or manager.

Within this toolkit, you'll encounter a range of concepts and strategies that can be seamlessly applied in diverse scenarios, whether it's one-on-one discussions, team meetings or collaborative projects.

The toolkit is structured around the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety, serving as a robust framework.

Delivered as a downloadable PDF, it can be effortlessly distributed to all leaders and managers throughout your organisation.

Note: We recommend implementing this toolkit after leaders and managers have completed the Psychological Safety training.

Toolkit Content

  • Introduction to the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety
  • The Pledges
  • Pillar 1 introduction, Authentic Self Process, Authentic Self Strategies & Personal Leadership Strategies
  • Pillar 2 introduction, Communication Cycle, Communication Toolkit, includes frameworks & guidance for managers & Checklist for 1-2-1s
  • Pillar 3 introduction, CollabZen Methodology, Team Dynamics Toolkit, Meeting Guidance Toolkit & Managing Conflict guidance
  • Pillar 4 introduction, Curiosity Sessions, Curiosity Manifesto & Reflective Practice Toolkit
  • Pillar 5 introduction, Creativity Workshops, Creativity Manifesto & Unlocking Creativity Toolkit


Pillar 1

By the end of Pillar 1, having applied the transformative AUTHENTIC SELF PROCESS, you will have identified and examined the factors that impact your performance and behaviour at work and have a powerful toolkit of strategies to draw upon that will enable you to thrive in any workplace situation. Armed with heightened self-awareness and unwavering confidence, gained through unleashing your Authentic Self, you will not only excel professionally but also become a catalyst for meaningful change. The Authentic Self Process empowers you to create a positive impact in your workplace, inspiring those around you to do the same.

Pillar 2

By the end of Pillar 2, you will have the skills to implement all aspects of the COMMUNICATION CYCLE. You will be able to adjust your communication based on feedback and have a toolkit of dynamic and powerful communication strategies at your disposal to tackle any workplace scenario. By mastering the communication strategies in the Communication Cycle, you will enhance and nurture your relationships in the workplace, enabling you to connect more effectively with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. From delivering a compelling pitch to navigating a difficult negotiation, the tools and techniques you learn in the Communication Cycle will empower you to communicate with unwavering confidence and crystal-clear clarity.

Pillar 3

By the end of Pillar 3, leveraging the COLLABZEN METHODOLOGY, you will have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to create a highly conducive environment for effective teamwork and collaboration. You will explore and implement proven strategies to drive your team towards success. With the CollabZen Methodology, you will have the tools you need to establish a culture of trust and collaboration among your team members. You will unlock the full potential of each individual and cultivate high-performing teams that consistently deliver outstanding results. This powerful approach empowers you to maximise productivity and drive innovation within your workplace, paving the way for unprecedented levels of success and growth, for individuals, teams and the organisation.

Pillar 4

By immersing yourself in Pillar 4, you will discover the power of questioning to ignite a culture of innovation, transforming your approach to learning and development. Regularly engaging in CURIOSITY SESSIONS and leveraging the diverse toolkit of powerful strategies, will empower you to extract valuable insights from the past to tackle current challenges. With an unwavering commitment to self-reflection, fuelled by an insatiable curiosity and a growth mindset, you will transform every experience into an opportunity for learning and evolution. Creating a culture characterised by continuous learning and experimentation, driven by an insatiable hunger for growth and development, will propel your team towards new heights of innovation, performance and productivity, positioning both you and your team for sustained success in an ever-changing world.

Pillar 5

By immersing yourself in Pillar 5, you'll experience a transformative shift in your problem-solving and creative thinking abilities. The CREATIVITY WORKSHOPS provide teams with a platform to explore original concepts and gain fresh perspectives, nurturing a culture of experimentation and creativity. You'll learn to thrive in ambiguous and uncertain situations, unlocking fresh perspectives and unconventional approaches to overcome challenges. Armed with a versatile toolkit of strategies and techniques, you'll be equipped to break down complex problems and unleash your full creative potential. Mastering these skills will position you as an inspirational and empowering leader within your team. Your ability to generate solutions that transcend conventional thinking will facilitate a culture of innovation and growth. As a valuable asset to your team, you'll unearth new possibilities, boost engagement and ultimately, drive revenue growth for your organisation.

Training Information

Audience: Senior Leaders, Management

Course Type: Toolkit and Workbook

Format: Pdf or hard-copy

Cost: £8,000 (+printing+shipping)

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