An Immersive Authentic Self Retreat For Professionals

On the Authentic Self Retreat, Gina will guide you effortlessly through the 3 Step Authentic Self Processan extraordinary powerful 3 step system to release the masks you wear and the stories you have created – so you can bring ALL of who you are to work and life.

Imagine this.

The sun on your skin, the sea lapping around your ankles and white sandy beaches to lounge around on.

Relaxing. Resting. Releasing. Rebooting. Restoring. Reconnecting.

Your home for 5 days is a stunning Eco-resort in the Algarve, Portugal.

In the middle of a 43-hectare Ecological Farm, and super close to the sea, your home during the Retreat will immerse you in the healing power of nature.

Waking to the sounds of the birds overhead in the Almond and Fig trees. The gentle breeze rustling through the Orange trees.

Fresh fruit and vegetables at your fingertips, for the picking.

And an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna - you will not want to pick up your phone. Other than to take MILLIONS of pictures.

Yoga. Guided meditation. Good (...EXCELLENT) food. Healing. Personal development. Releasing. Manifesting and planning for your future.

A retreat is a safe haven where you can relax, sleep, work on yourself and eat well, so you can heal your body, hear your own thoughts and look at your life with a bit of space and a fresh perspective.

This is the Ultimate Healing and Personal Development Retreat for professionals.

This Is For You If You Want To

Get away and have some space from your busy life.

Think through ideas that have been percolating and are waiting to be explored.

Talk through personal and business concerns, to make sense of what is going on and to plan for the future.

Release the thoughts and patterns that are holding you back: in work, life and love.

Experience healing techniques to bring you back to your Authentic Self.

Experience eco-living for 5 days - and take home ideas so you can live more eco-friendly every day.

On This 5 Day Retreat


PM: Arrival, welcome and grounding guided meditation. Relaxed evening settling into the eco-resort and getting to know your group over dinner.


AM: Yoga session followed by an introduction to the Authentic Self Process and Step 1: Raise your awareness of the things that hold you back: masks, layers, expectations etc. PM: Optional: guided farm tour with Paula. Own time to access healing, local activities or to relax in the resort.


AM: Yoga session followed by Step 2: Releasing. Gina will lead you through a releasing activity to highlight the key thoughts and patterns that are holding you back in work, life and love. PM: Optional: guided farm tour with Paula. Own time to access healing, local activities or to relax in the resort.


AM: Yoga session followed by a manifesting activity to explore your future; highlighting the things you want to manifest or change in your life. You will create an action plan to implement when you get back home. PM: Step 3: Reconnect. You will explore 6 strategies to incorporate into your everyday life. Each of the strategies support you to be your Authentic Self and to strengthen your relationships.


Yoga session followed by a working breakfast with Gina to discuss your insights, observations and key learning from the healing retreat. Accountability for the actions you will take to manifest your future vision. PM: Departure.


Guided farm tours. Wine tasting experience. Water sports. Boat trips. Dolphin watching. Earthall® Energy Healing. Shiatsu Massage. LGBT healing sessions with Gina. Creative sessions on the farm with Paula. Business Mastermind session with other participants.


5 meetings facilitated by Gina and Paula. These will include structured time and activities to work ON you

Time for you to relax and unwind: explore the peaceful resort and farm, have a dip in the salt-water pool, read a book in a hammock, pick your own fruit, wander down to the beach and meditate.

A group of like-minded people to support, advise, challenge and hold the space for you

Opportunity for space and quiet contemplation time to reflect, journal and gain clarity

Healing techniques available: Yoga. Meditation. LGBT healing sessions with Gina*. Earthall® Energy Healing*. Shiatsu massage*. Creative sessions with Paula on the farm. Eat fresh from the farm. Salt water pool. Beach therapy.

Explore the local area and engage in a range of local activities



The next retreat will take place in 2022.
Casa Vale da Lama. Casa Vale is an Eco-Resort surrounded by beautiful countryside. Sustainability, health and well-being are the key themes here. Vale da Lama is a solar passive house, where room temperature is controlled by sun exposure through the blinds, with the surrounding trees and nearby ocean provide all the air conditioning you could ever need. The Eco resort is integrated into a 43 hectare farm with a 20 minute walk to Meia Praia beach. There is a swimming pool on site and the Sweet Spot Cafe and Farm Shop: with organic food, natural crafts and preserves and the sale of organic veggies straight from the farm. This is the perfect space for reflection and connecting to nature.
Shared accommodation in a twin/double/triple room with private bathroom, a small porch with direct access to gardens and pool and a mezzanine. It doesn’t have TV, telephone or WI-FI so you can enjoy the surrounding silence and tranquillity. Access to free WiFi in the Main Lounge. If you would like single accommodation this will incur an extra cost to be met by you – this must be arranged in advance.

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Twin/Triple Room

No scheduled sessions with Gina


Basic - Room Upgrade

Single Room

No scheduled sessions with Gina



Twin Room

3 month programme with Gina


VIP - Room Upgrade

Single Room

3 month programme with Gina


Want to know what the Retreat Experience is like?

Check out the feedback from previous attendees below!

"The retreat was amazing and I feel a real shift has happened inside me."
"I would highly recommend the Retreat to anyone that needs time-out to breathe and is looking for what might be blocking them currently. Gina’s style is one of gentleness, you can be sure you will be in safe hands in a caring and nurturing environment and will get to meet some amazing individuals with which to share your journey and have fun along the way. The location is peaceful, in harmony with the environment and your body will feel just as nourished as your soul, sampling the divine, organic, freshly picked delights from the perma-culture vegetable garden and made with love. Be prepared to emerge a slightly different and better version of yourself!"
"Absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done! Thank you Gina and all for making it such a fabulous experience. Already looking forward to next years retreat!"
"Reconnecting to Who I Am was the most amazing thing I got from the retreat. I'll be back next year!"
"The retreat was the catalyst I needed to find me and the strength I needed to put my actions forward. There have been a few bumps in the road but I feel stronger now than I have ever done before, to deal with them."
"It's been a massive breakthrough for me being here."
"A life changing, soul exploring, nourishing experience. What I love about you Gina is, I know if I cut you open, you would be authentic right to the very core. You are living proof of authenticity in action. Since getting back my husband says I look 10 years younger. Being authentic and releasing my chains have clearly ironed out my wrinkles."
"Things have certainly been happening since Portugal - massive shift in my thinking! It was amazing. Definitely to be repeated!"
"A week of development and connection in the most beautiful natural surroundings. The balance of being in a completely organic sustainable environment whilst working on myself and my own growth was unbelievably rewarding and I've shifted so much since this retreat towards my true passions and purpose. Thank you Gina for creating this very special space, group and development opportunity."

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