Psychological Safety Diagnostic Tool

Unlock the Power of Psychological Safety with Lux

Lux is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool designed to measure psychological safety within organisations.

Trusted by organisations worldwide, Lux is the catalyst for transformation. It serves as your ally in assessing, identifying and addressing areas for improvement, creating psychologically safer workplaces where individuals and teams can truly thrive.

Lux leaves no stone unturned as it comprehensively measures psychological safety across the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety, providing invaluable guidance for the creation of safer work environments. Its versatility enables seamless integration with workforces of all sizes and global reach, ensuring every employee can contribute their valuable insights. Upon the completion of surveys by your entire organisation, Lux provides you with results and personalised recommendations that offer profound insights, enabling the cultivation of psychologically safer workplace environments.

The real magic of Lux lies in its data. It empowers organisations to pinpoint precise issues, identify their locations within the business, unearth their root causes and develop a targeted plan for improvement. This comprehensive insight into root causes allows organisations to elevate work environments, enhance employee well-being and fine-tune decision-making processes.

Global Insights

Lux is not just a tool; it's a global force for change.

By aggregating data on a worldwide scale, Lux unveils trends across sectors, industries, locations, work modes (in-person, remote, or hybrid) and business sizes. The data gathered annually through this global research is made public, along with a prestigious Top 100 Psychologically Safe Workplaces List.

Leveraging the global data from Lux, we actively advocate for workplace legislative reforms, making Lux a cornerstone of our mission to cultivate psychologically safe workplaces and environments where people truly thrive.

Scientific Validation of Lux

Lux was purposefully designed to meet the unique needs of multinational corporations.

Our journey to excellence began with a collaboration with the University of Cambridge. Working closely with Cambridge experts, we meticulously reviewed and refined the questions integrated into Lux and they underwent thorough scrutiny to ensure their precision and relevance for the assessment and intended audience. This process was followed by validation from the Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the University of Cambridge. The result is a tool that excels in addressing the specific challenges faced by multinational organisations.

Dr. Kharbhih, an expert in Human Behaviour Modelling, played a pivotal role in ensuring Lux's precision, functionality and ground-breaking methodology. Their validation process encompassed a comprehensive review, including the validation of the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety methodology and Lux's methodology, as well as rigorously testing the accuracy and integrity of data within Lux and the coherence and meaningfulness of all charts and data representations. This meticulous approach ensures validity and value for our end users.

With Dr. Kharbhih's expertise, Lux sets the gold standard in psychological safety assessment.

Through these collaborations, Lux's reliability is firmly established, and the validation of both the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety and the diagnostic tool's methodology firmly solidifies its credibility.

Choosing Lux isn't just a business decision; it's a strategic move towards cultivating a high-performance culture, empowering employees to bring their Authentic Selves to work and positioning your organisation as a leader in cultivating inclusivity and a profound sense of belonging, setting the benchmark for your peers.

Benefits to your Organisation

Unlock Profound Insights
Dive deep into your organisation's dynamics.
Understand the core issues, not just surface symptoms.

Strategic Improvement
Pinpoint areas for advancement.
Elevate your work environment and employee well-being.

Continuous Progress Tracking
Monitor your journey towards excellence.
Evaluate the effectiveness of past and present interventions.

Future-Proof Your Success
Strategically plan for the future.
Maximise the impact of your upcoming initiatives.

Informed Decision-Making
Harness invaluable insights for confident choices.
Enhance your decision-making process.

Talent Magnet
Attract and retain top talent effortlessly.
Cultivate a high-performance culture.

Boosted Productivity and Satisfaction
Skyrocket productivity, communication and customer satisfaction.
Witness your team's full potential.

Unleash Creativity and Innovation
Ignite creativity, innovation and engagement.
Develop a culture of cutting-edge innovation.

Champion Inclusion and Belonging
Lead the way in promoting inclusion and belonging.
Be a trailblazer in building a diverse, welcoming workplace.

Prioritise Mental Health
Improve mental health outcomes for your employees.
Create a supportive and caring environment.

Lux: Levels of Engagement

With Lux, you have the flexibility to engage on 4 distinct levels, allowing you to customise the depth of value you extract from your results.

Maximum value: Gold Lux.

Engage at Level 0: Contribute to Global Insights

At Level 0, you can join the global data collection for psychological safety, positioning your organisation for potential inclusion in the prestigious Top 100 Psychologically Safe Workplaces list.

Please note that at this level, you won't receive actionable information, reports, access to dashboards or recommendations.

Price: £0

Discover Level 1: Bronze Lux

Level 1: Bronze Lux is tailored for a single, one-time diagnostic tool roll-out, with exclusive access to a dashboard and accompanying report. This report includes actionable recommendations to boost psychological safety within your teams and organisation.

Your Bronze Lux dashboard provides:

  • Data spanning 4 levels of your organisational structure
  • In-depth insights into Pillar and Question data
  • A "Compare All" function to assess two entities side by side

Please note that Bronze Lux is suitable for roll-outs to a single location and organisations with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Pricing: £3,000

Elevate to Level 2: Silver Lux

Level 2: Silver Lux is your ticket to a year-round partnership with Lux, unlocking the full spectrum of its capabilities. With Silver Lux, you gain access to the comprehensive dashboards and an in-depth annual report, as well as ongoing progress updates. Year after year, you'll receive tailored recommendations to continually enhance psychological safety within your teams and organisation.

Your Silver Lux dashboard offers:

  • Complete access to all data across every level of your organisational structure
  • Detailed insights into Pillar and Question data
  • Unrestricted access to the Progress Updates dashboards, with data spanning all available years

For pricing details, please refer to the structure below.

Thrive with Level 3: Gold Lux

With Gold Lux, you get the complete Silver Lux package and a significant advantage – access to the Global Dashboards.

These dashboards play a vital role in gathering data for our ongoing efforts to advocate for workplace legislative changes. Our mission, championed by Gina, is to integrate psychological safety into workplace legislation.

For detailed pricing information, please consult the structure below.


Unveil Your Global Ranking

Discover where your organisation stands among the world's best. Lux's Global Dashboards provide an annual ranking of organisations that have embraced Lux, showcasing the top performers. Be part of the prestigious Top 100 Psychologically Safe Workplaces List, a testament to your commitment to excellence.

Benchmark Your Industry's Success

Gain insights into your industry's global performance. Our Industry Dashboard offers comprehensive rankings, pillar breakdowns by industry and customisable filters for company size and work mode. Learn where your industry excels, benchmark against others in your industry and identify areas for growth, all at your fingertips.

Track Your Yearly Growth

See your journey unfold year by year. The Progression Dashboards offer a detailed view of your location, industry and sector's growth over time. Identify trends, celebrate achievements and continually enhance your organisation's psychological safety.

Benchmark Location Performance

Unlock global insights with our Location Dashboard. It provides rankings, pillar breakdowns for each country and customisable filters for company size and work mode, allowing you to understand, benchmark and improve psychological safety in the countries your organisation operates. See trends on a global scale.

Benchmark Your Sector's Success

Dive into your sector's global performance with our Sector Dashboard. Gain access to rankings, pillar breakdowns by sector and tailored filters for company size and work mode. By understanding sector dynamics you can assess, benchmark against others in your sector and lead the way toward enhanced psychological safety.

Measure Success Against Your Peers

Measure your success against location, industry and sector peers while safeguarding anonymity. Lux's anonymised data allows you to make informed comparisons, celebrate achievements and continuously improve your organisation's psychological safety.

Pricing for Lux

Silver Lux

Unlocking the power of Silver Lux is straightforward, with pricing structured to match the unique needs of your organisation.

Here's a breakdown of the cost based on the number of employees and location fees.

Number of employees

  • 1 - 10 employees = £1,000
  • 11 - 999 employees = £5,000
  • 1,000 - 9,999 employees = £8,000
  • 10,000 - 19,999 employees = £15,000
  • 20,000 - 49,999 employees = £23,000
  • 50,000 - 74,999 employees = £54,000
  • 75,000 employees (Location Fee is wavered) = £80,000

Location Fee

The Location Fee is based on the regions you choose for the survey rollout, with 14 regions available. Each region incurs a £750 fee.

Locations: South Pacific, South-East Asia, North-East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, East and South Africa, West and Central Africa, East Europe and Eurasia, West Europe, UK, Central and South America, North America and Caribbean, Canada.


Number of employees + location fee.

Silver Lux operates on a yearly subscription basis, with a minimum term of 3 years.

Gold Lux

For the ultimate Lux experience, Gold Lux offers unparalleled access and benefits.

The pricing structure includes factors such as the number of employees, location fees and the additional Gold Access fee.

See pricing information for Silver Lux + Location Fee.

Gold Access

£3,000 per year.


Number of employees + location fee + Gold Access.

Gold Lux, like Silver Lux, is billed annually and requires a minimum subscription term of 3 years.

With Silver Lux and Gold Lux, you have the flexibility to choose the Lux experience that best aligns with your organisation's unique needs and aspirations.

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