Want to roll out training across your whole organisation but don't want to bring in external trainers?

Do you have a group of internal trainers or facilitators in mind to deliver the training?

But you are not sure where to start with the content and training of these facilitators.

Gina specialises in Train The Trainer programmes for company wide roll out of:

  • Psychological safety
  • LGBT+ inclusion and
  • Intersectionality training

The content will be written bespoke for you and your organisation and a Train The Trainer programme will be delivered by Gina to your selected facilitators.

If you have an existing training programme that you want to update, Gina will review and update this for you. Then provide a Train The Trainer programme to upskill the facilitators on the revised content.

Rest assured. Gina is a fully trained teacher with a PGCE and achieved Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status during her 10 year teaching career. She was presented with an award at the House Of Commons!

She was instrumental in the Teacher Training programme during her career in Further Education. She was an Advanced Teaching and Learning Practitioner where, after delivering years of outstanding lessons herself, she excelled at training teachers to deliver outstanding lessons.


All training bespoke for the organisations needs.
  • 3 hour bespoke workshop with onsite delivery
  • 6.5 hours preparation of materials and the content
  • 0.5 hour discussion with a key member of the team to agree the content of the workshop
  • Price excludes expenses
Includes: what is psychological safety, what affects our sense of safety in the workplace, assessment of current levels of psychological safety in teams/the organisation, common mistakes and how to develop environments where people thrive.
Focusing on creating and implementing a culture of inclusion throughout the whole business.

Session Outcomes:
  • Supporting leaders to foster an inclusive working environment - where every employee can bring their whole self to work, without fear or modifying behaviour
  • Selecting and recruiting appropriate LGBT+ allies
  • Developing teaching capability for selected members of staff to educate and support line managers with their LGBT+ staff
  • Selecting, applying and raising awareness within the workplace of LGBT+ inclusion strategies
  • Facilitating discussions around LGBT+ issues in the workplace

Session Outline:
  1. LGBT+ definitions and exploration of key terms
  2. Strategies that LGBT+ individuals develop to function in the workplace
  3. Inclusivity in the workplace
  4. The biggest challenges LGBT+ individuals face in the workplace
  5. How to support LGBT+ individuals in the workplace
  6. Feedback, resources and next steps
Includes: what is intersectionality, understanding different identities, how does intersectionality manifest in your organisation, common mistakes and how to cultivate an intersectional, fully inclusive workplace.
Focusing on how to support your Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid Employees in the workplace – before, during and after ‘coming out’.

  • LGBT+ definitions and exploration of key terms
  • The biggest challenges Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid individuals face in the workplace
  • How to support Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Fluid individuals in the workplace
Gina details the elements you need to consider and practical strategies you can implement in the workplace as an:
  • Individual
  • Employer
  • What Does Bringing Your Whole Self To Work Actually Mean?
  • The Impact Of Not Being All Of Who You Are
  • What Stops You From Being Truly Authentic: the masks you wear. An understanding of the 'baggage we carry' into the workplace: such as old conditioning, our fears, beliefs, layers and labels. The labels we give ourselves and others give us, and how this impacts on how we show up at work
  • How To Bring All Of Who You Are To Work
  • Resources
  • Culminating in a mini-releasing ritual where everyone releases one label that is holding them back
An online LGBT+ resource bank to upskill your entire workforce. Focus: everyday LGBT+ issues, challenges and how to support LGBT+ individuals (colleague, customer, stakeholder or supplier). Pricing available upon request.


  • Regular training sessions delivered onsite over a 12 month period - minimum 3 sessions per year
  • Face-to-face training
  • Content is created bespoke to your organisations needs
  • Tailored training for different audiences - senior leaders, managers, HR, employees
  • Your trainer is LGBT and will share personal anecdotes and stories from her life
  • The training will be developed so it is robust and the content is relevant for at least 10 years
  • The training will be active. Expect to see lots of discussion and interaction in the training.
  • All sessions will offer practical, actionable strategies – not just a top level overview.
  • All delegates will be encouraged to leave with an action plan, deliverables and full accountability for next steps.
All training material is created bespoke to your organisations needs. Here is an idea of what could be delivered during your training programme.
  • What is psychological safety
  • What affects our sense of safety in the workplace
  • Assessment of current levels of psychological safety in teams/the organisation
  • Common mistakes
  • How to develop environments where people thrive
All LGBT training material is created bespoke to your organisations needs. Here is an idea of what could be delivered during your LGBT training programme.
  • Why LGBT individuals don’t bring all of who they are to work
  • The strategies that LGBT individuals develop to function in the workplace
  • The biggest challenges LGBT individuals face in the workplace
  • How to support LGBT individuals in the workplace – employees, customers etc
  • Unconscious bias
  • Challenging stereotypes
  • The social conditioning LGBT individuals face growing up in a heteronormative world, and the impact of this on our adult lives and in the workplace
  • How to effectively deal with LGBT related issues
  • The correct language to use
  • How to challenge inappropriate behaviour
All training material is created bespoke to your organisations needs. Here is an idea of what could be delivered during your training programme.
  • What Does Bringing Your Whole Self To Work Actually Mean?
  • The Impact Of Not Being All Of Who You Are
  • What Stops You From Bring Your Whole Self To Work
  • How To Bring All Of Who You Are To Work
  • Resources
  • Culminating in a mini-releasing ritual where everyone releases one label that is holding them back
  • Access to an online resource bank of materials and support throughout the year. Includes training videos, articles and a question and answer facility to educate and support everyone in the organisation.
  • Facilitation of regular meetings to discuss your organisations issues, challenges and celebrate your achievements.
  • Regular ‘top ups’ and refresher courses throughout the year.

Want to know what training for companies with Gina is like?

Check out the feedback from companies that booked Gina to train their employees below!

"My Go To Person for all matters of LGBT inclusion at work! I had the pleasure of working with Gina twice this year when she delivered an authenticity talk to AstraZeneca's LGBT employee resource group and LGBT inclusion training to AstraZeneca's HR team. I am always impressed by the level of energy and enthusiasm that Gina brings into her work. She leads engaging and informative sessions. She is friendly and approachable and fosters a safe environment for thought provoking and non judgemental discussion. I would highly recommend working with Gina on any topic relating to LGBT inclusion and bringing your whole self to work!"
"Thanks for hosting the LGBT training session. I found it to be really interesting and informative. We are keen to regroup as a team so we don’t lose momentum from your session and we can agree some concrete actions to take forward."
“The AstraZeneca group of companies believes people give their best and are at their most creative when they have a great place to work. We see inclusion & feeling valued as core to that experience. It’s important to me as an HR professional that my function role models inclusivity – after all we are the custodians of an employee’s experience with the company from the moment they think about AstraZeneca as a potential employer until the moment they leave us. Recent research reveals that as many as 83% of LGBT people from multiple organisations don’t feel they can be their true self at work. For us this is unacceptable in a business that believes inclusion is vital. Working with Gina to develop our knowledge, awareness and understanding equips our HR team with some new insights which we can use to influence our culture and practices to visibly demonstrate our commitment and aspiration to being more inclusive.”  
“The leadership team of the AstraZeneca LGBT+ employee resource group, recognises that the issues surrounding being LGBT+ in the workplace are complex and not easy to understand without reliable access to contemporary information. We also understand that non-LGBT+ individuals can feel nervous about asking questions for fear of saying the wrong thing. The core purpose of our group is to provide peer support, development opportunities and professional networking for our LGBT+ colleagues. However, we have evolved as a reference point for the business on LGBT+ inclusion, a role we take very seriously. We wanted to achieve a safe space for HR professionals to explore LGBT+ issues and have all questions answered without judgement. We decided to work with Gina after following her work on authenticity. Her collaborative approach to develop and deliver this workshop met our requirements with ease. We achieved a measured improvement in understanding amongst participants with feedback stating a desire to learn more. We are delighted that HR leadership has supported this series of workshops, as it demonstrates a clear commitment to do the right thing, embrace LGBT+ culture and be an inclusive employer of choice.”
"Gina - you are amazing! I think everyone left the session invigorated and I am already seeing posts this morning of how people are energising those who couldn't make it."
"I’m still buzzing from yesterday – what a great day! You were absolutely brilliant. I heard so many people say that your session was the highlight of their day yesterday so thank you for all your work putting it together and running it on the day. It was an absolutely fantastic session, Gina! It was a pleasure to host you and thank you for your inspiration. This is not the end of the conversation on authenticity, just the start."
"Gina is a great trainer and a lovely lady, She kept 20 busy senior leaders fully engaged for 3 hours at the end of a long day on an important topic."
"I had the pleasure of opening an awareness session for colleagues on being your authentic self at work, which Gina kindly delivered for us. The session was very insightful and engaging, and the feedback from delegates was really positive. It definitely gave us an appetite for more understanding on this topic, which is something we’re now planning to take forwards. I’d thoroughly recommend Gina."
"Gina recently hosted a session for us around being your authentic self in the workplace. Inclusion creates a culture where people can come to work & be their true self, feel celebrated & supported & perform better. Our colleagues who attended left feeling inspired & more engaged with the business & Gina kindly offered colleagues a follow up session free! The feedback we had from colleagues has been amazing & we are hoping to do more work with Gina in the future. Any business serious about Diversity & Inclusion would aim to create a culture where people can perform & be their personal best. This was a great session on the journey to achieving that."
"OMG!!!! Your session was just wonderful. I said that I thought you were genuinely amazing and a member of my team said, “that’s because she is amazingly genuine”!! I loved the layout, the time and energy that you put into the simplicity of the terminology and that you spoke to it with integrity and care. We are so thrilled to have had this opportunity and you will be happy to know that after our session, our team conversation stayed on topic. We had people share that within their own families they have gay and transgender family members and that they were so thankful to have been able to gain more insight."
"Inspiring and informative session! Thanks Gina! You have given us a lot to think about to ensure we keep moving the dial around inclusion."
"I wasn’t sure what to expect today but you ran a truly inspirational session Gina. Well done for keeping us to time as well - we are a passionate bunch in the HR department."

“Create an environment in which an individual can bring their whole self to work & you will be a better business for it.”

– Mike Hoban: Sales, Marketing and E-Commerce Director at Thomas Cook


Do your employees feel safe enough within their team to bring up any concerns they have? To speak up and out - about anything?

To voice and try out their new ideas in the projects they are working on?

Are they addressing problems and resolving conflict as they happen or do they fear the potentially negative consequences to do so?

Do all of your employees, customers and stakeholders feel confident to bring their whole self to work?

And do they feel included, valued and inspired to contribute to your organisations vision and goals?

Is the environment one where people thrive?

Creating a climate of psychological safety enables colleagues, teams and organisations to resolve conflict, ensure safety, mitigate errors, learn continuously and improve performance.

It isn't just down to you or the senior leaders. Creating a psychologically safe and fully inclusive working environment is down to everyone in your organisation.




Face-To-Face & Online Support

Gina’s Focus


Review what you already have in place: that might be your existing processes, procedures, programmes, strategies and/or training.


Conduct research with your existing employees, managers and leaders: this might include interviews, surveys, observation of behaviour & providing objective feedback.


The design of a long term programme, policy, strategy (or other) bespoke to your organisational needs. The design will ensure it is robust and relevant for at least the next 10 years.


Delivery of the agreed outcome, designed specifically for your organisational needs, within a specified time frame.


Research will be undertaken by Gina and her team to identify what is working and what isn’t. Surveys, observations, current documentation. It will all be reviewed and analysed.

Based on what we find... You'll be advised on key areas that need to be developed to create a workplace where everyone can bring ALL of who they are to work.

AND THEN... your whole organisation will undergo a programme of bespoke training, group and online support (including observations in the workplace) to begin to create that culture you dream of; one where everyone can thrive.

To end the programme, Gina and her team will measure the progress and impact of the 12 month Psychological Safety and Inclusion Programme. This includes 1. Re-surveying the employees, customers and the leadership team and presenting the results. 2. Observing key people in the business and providing critical feedback. 3. Gina will present a report to the Leadership Team, stating the progress, impact and next steps. 4. It will all be tied off with a workshop and celebration event for all participants in the Psychological Safety and Inclusion Programme.

Your employees, customers and leadership team will be surveyed and the responses will be analysed with a summary of findings provided.

Observations will be undertaken in the business to give valuable insights into your employee experience, leadership experience and customer experience.

All of your current inclusion training, policies, procedures and documentation will be reviewed.

A bespoke training and support programme will be devised and written for company wide roll out, based on the findings of the surveys and observations.

The programme of bespoke training will be rolled out across the business. The focus will be to raise awareness, look at current practices and explore new ways of working/strategies to implement.

There will be a combination of face-to-face support sessions delivered in-house and company wide access to an online support bank. This consists of weekly videos to introduce new strategies and actions to focus on week by week.


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Gina Battye Is A World Renowned Psychological Safety, LGBT and Inclusion Consultant & Trainer

Gina is called upon worldwide to deliver her insights, bespoke training for companies and specialist knowledge, by multinational corporations, leading global organisations and Fortune 500 companies.

Specialising in psychological safety, LGBT and intersectionality training for companies and creating a FULLY inclusive organisational culture (through her world-renowned Psychological Safety and Inclusion Programme) - Gina unleashes untapped potential within your workforce.

Gina is passionate about supporting multinational corporations to create a culture where employees can truly thrive and bring their whole self to work. Where people can come to work and be their true self, feel celebrated, supported and as a result perform better.


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