“Create an environment in which an individual can bring their whole self to work & you will be a better business for it.”

– Mike Hoban: Sales, Marketing and E-Commerce Director at Thomas Cook

Gina Battye Is A World Renowned LGBT+ Identity Coach & Inclusion Consultant

Gina is called upon worldwide to deliver her insights and consultancy, by leading global organisations and Fortune 500 companies.

Specialising in LGBT+ Inclusion, Gender Identity and Expression (Transgender & Non-Binary) in the workplace, bringing all of who you are to work and preparing the workforce for Generation Z employees entering the workplace - Gina unleashes untapped potential within your workforce.

Gina is passionate about helping leading global organisations create a culture where employees can be their authentic self in the workplace, where people can come to work and be their true self, feel celebrated, supported and as a result perform better.

Gina works with leading global organisations and Fortune 500 companies to adopt good practice in the workplace, promoting a culture of inclusion throughout the whole organisation. She encourages businesses to live out the diversity and inclusion strategy and actively demonstrate every day how inclusive an employer they are to ensure all are safe and happy at work.


Lesbian & gay workers not open at all to colleagues


Transgender people not living permanently in their preferred gender role.


Consultancy With Gina


Gina supports and upskills leaders to foster an inclusive working environment - where every employee can bring their whole self to work, without fear or modifying behaviour.


Gina encourages open and honest conversations about what language and words to use and what not to use. She provides the tools for you to facilitate discussions around LGBT+ issues in the workplace.


Gina often works alongside HR teams and Business Partners to educate and support leaders with their LGBT+ staff and the recruitment of prominent LGBT+ allies.


Gina works with businesses to prepare the workforce for Generation Z employees entering the workplace. Gen Z have different expectations and ways of expressing their identity than generations before them.


Gina's Specialisms and Key Talking Points

  • Identity: Finding The Real You
  • How To Be Your Authentic Self At Work: Bringing All Of Who You Are To Work
  • Generation Z: Prepare The Workforce For Generation Z Employees Entering The Workplace
  • Gender Identity & Expression: Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Queer, Gender Fluid
  • Sexual Identity & LGBT+ Issues: Relationships, Mindset, Personal Development
  • Identity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership
  • LGBT+ Relationships
  • LGBT+ Inclusion Strategy
  • Mindset
  • Personal Development

Gina’s Focus


Review your existing processes, procedures and diversity and inclusion strategy


Conduct research with your existing LGBT+ employees: interviews, observation of behaviour & provide objective feedback


The design of a long term LGBT+ inclusion strategy bespoke to your organisations needs


Strategy execution – including highly practical actions

Gina’s Key Strengths


Impactful, memorable and inspirational workshops and presentations


World-class speaking, teaching and development of training programmes


Advising on best practice, new developments and thought forms


Observation and soul level listening to identify the ‘gaps’


Leading the strategy implementation


Providing critical feedback

Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching & Mentoring


Mindset re-programming

Gina Works With

Fortune 500 Companies

Senior leaders

HR Teams

Business Owners


International media

Leading global organisations


Diversity and Inclusion teams

Thought Leaders


Speaking Bureaus


Consultancy LGBT Consultancy


  • 4 hours onsite gathering information: analysis of your current policies and procedures, identifying the gaps .
  • 3 hours compiling a document with a summary of key findings and recommendations ,
  • 1 hour delivery of the recommendations *
  • *Excludes expenses
  • Mail Gina

Consultancy Specialist LGBT Support


  • 4 hours working 1-2-1 with the individual who is coming out or transitioning .
  • 2 hour staff training and awareness raising for the individuals direct team ,
  • 2 hours HR Training to ensure you have the correct support mechanisms in place for staff if they intend to transition while working for your organisation. *
  • *Excludes expenses
  • Mail Gina

Contact Gina in the first instance by email

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