E-Learning: Authentic Self

Gina has created two bespoke e-learning courses for multinational corporations:

  • Psychological Safety
  • Authentic Self

Designed and built in collaboration with multinational organisations, these e-learning packages are ready for company-wide roll out to all employees.

These are in-depth e-learning programs designed to be offered alongside mandatory equality and diversity training. Ideal for onboarding as part of your company induction process and mandatory training.

The Modules

Contains 3 Authentic Self e-learning modules

The 3 modules cover the six key obstacles identified in a global study that prevent employees from bringing their whole selves into the workplace. Perfect during on-boarding as part of your company induction program.

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to bringing your whole self to work. What does it mean to bring your whole self to work? Why is it important? What happens when you don’t have a safe working environment? Research – highlighting the 6 key areas that employees want and need to bring their whole selves to work. What stops you bringing your whole self to work? What if I don't want to bring my whole self to work?

Module 2: Authentic Self Strategies

This module contains Authentic Self Strategies. By the end of this module, you will have completed activities that will enable you to: 1. Have a clear understanding of what stops you from bringing your whole self to work and affects your performance and behaviour. 2. Be able to apply strategies to empower and enable you to bring your whole self to work and take back control of the things that affect your performance and behaviour at work. The exercises in this module are designed to raise your awareness on what stops you from bringing your whole self to work, and enable you to release anything that is negatively impacting on you. Raise and Release: these are the first 2 steps of the Authentic Self Process.

Module 3: Personal Leadership Strategies

This module contains personal leadership strategies. By the end of this module, you will have a toolkit of personal leadership strategies at your fingertips to enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals at work. The exercises in this module are designed to enable you to reconnect to your whole self. You will learn/revisit and apply personal leadership strategies so you can achieve your personal and professional goals, increase your resilience and unlock your untapped potential. Reconnect: this is the 3rd step of the Authentic Self Process.

In this e-learning, you will also:

Explore other people's expectations of you, what others think of you and how other people treat you. You will be liberated from them all.

Examine the (high) standards you have set for yourself over the years. You will relax those.

Delve into your childhood programs and identify the ones that negatively impact on how you feel, think and behave. You will free yourself from those.

Question how your mind works to uncover the thoughts you keep thinking. You will identify the unhelpful ones and release those.

Search inwards into what situations and people trigger you to feel, think or behave negatively. You will lessen the impact these have on you.

Identify the stories you have created about past experiences, that are negatively impacting on your present. You will rewrite those stories.

Method Of Delivery

Interactive content, with quiz and reflection activities throughout.

Assessment of learning for each module.

Content has been designed and tested with multinational organisations!

E-Learning Package


  • Unique and bespoke content – with Gina’s Intellectual Property (The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety and the Authentic Self Process). This is not available through any other training provider.
  • Design and creation of the e-learning modules, featuring interactive elements
  • Audio overlay
  • You will receive 3 SCORM files to upload to your Learning Management System. The e-learning will be hosted on your organisations LMS. This gives you the flexibility to roll the e-learning course out to new employees in future.
  • White labelling of all the e-learning content
  • Company-wide roll out. No restriction on numbers when hosted on your own Learning Management System


Gina is a force to be reckoned with in her field. Her work is still referenced by senior leaders and managers as the go to guide, towards creating a more inclusive and psychologically safe workplace for LGBTQ+ employees.

The 2 modules she created on psychological safety and LGBTQ + support in the workplace, together with time she spent with our executive team running sessions on inclusive leadership have been invaluable. We continue to use her modules as part of OSTC’s onboarding program.

Her passion, delivery and work ethic is admirable and inspiring.

Gina was tasked to deliver the content for two Diversity & Inclusion courses by our D&I Manager.

Gina was very eager to understand the process that would bring her material to life and how she could facilitate the building stage. She was very transparent about her methodology, was spot on with her delivery times (even submitted things earlier) and she worked very collaboratively and with a very positive energy with all parties involved. She quickly picked up the capabilities of the building tools and made sure to incorporate the appropriate elements in the content she was building.

I wish all Learning Designers get to experience working with such an energetic and professional person at some point - and if you're looking for someone with her expertise, look no further.

Your Contribution To Conservation


Gina is committed to reforestation. She plants trees for every project that she completes.

She aims to match the organisation she is working with, with the most suitable project (nationally or globally) and plants a number of trees to align with the size of each project.

Gina loves you to get involved in the decisions and obviously, if you would like to match fund the trees planted, that would be great and very welcome.

By planting trees, together we are working to reduce emissions, as well as open up new habitats for wildlife and ensure many more people like you will be able to create new memories with their friends and family in leafy green spaces in the future.

Training Information

Audience: Company Wide Roll Out

Course Type: E-Learning

Cost: £21,000

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Gina Battye is a world-renowned, award-winning Psychological Safety consultant and trainer for multinational corporations, Fortune 500s, TV, film, radio and the global press.

Gina is on a mission to create work environments where people thrive; where everyone feels safe to bring their whole self to work. Her aim is to introduce legislation to bring about worldwide change and protection for employees in terms of psychological safety.

Her blueprint for psychological safety: The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety, is now being implemented worldwide to create fully inclusive workplaces. Gina developed Lux, a powerful psychological safety diagnostic tool that measures psychological safety in workplaces. It is being rolled out to multinational organisations worldwide.

Gina's work has been featured widely in the media, including Sky News, BBC, Forbes, The Telegraph, BBC Three, The Times, Metro, The Sun, Psychologies, Cosmopolitan, Pink News, Vice, Gay Star News, Diva and Curve.

A powerhouse. An influencer. A leader. She stands up, she speaks up, she shouts out, she calls out. She makes a difference. She educates. Gina is daily creating breakthroughs in workplaces globally, combining world-class training with a heavy dose of hindsight… Gina changes lives!