E-Learning: Authentic Self

Crafted in partnership with renowned global organisations, our 2 exclusive e-learning courses are tailored for multinational corporations.

Our content has been meticulously crafted and thoroughly tested in collaboration with multinational organizations.

Designed for seamless company-wide implementation, they are perfect for onboarding and mandatory training.

Our expertise in Psychological Safety and Authentic Self training is the catalyst that unlocks your workforce’s full potential.

The Modules

This course comprises 3 comprehensive Authentic Self e-learning modules. Upon completion of this course, you will have:

Gained deep insight into the barriers that prevent you from being your Authentic Self at work and how they affect your performance and behaviour.

Acquired strategies that empower you to bring your Authentic Self to work, helping you take control over your performance and behaviour in the workplace.

Module 1: Introduction

This first module introduces the idea of being your Authentic Self at work. It explains what it means, why it is important, what happens when your workplace isn't safe and shares research on the six crucial aspects employees require to be their Authentic Self at work. The module also covers common challenges people encounter and offers insights for those with concerns about bringing their Authentic Self to work.

Module 2: Authentic Self Strategies

In Module 2, you'll discover various strategies to express your Authentic Self. By the end of this module, you'll clearly understand what holds you back from being yourself at work and how it affects your performance and behaviour. You will also gain strategies to empower you, allowing you to be your Authentic Self at work (if you choose to) and regain control over factors that impact your performance and behaviour. This module's exercises aim to raise your awareness of obstacles and help you let go of negative influences.

Module 3: Personal Leadership Strategies

In Module 3, you'll learn various personal leadership strategies. After completing this module, you'll have a toolkit of these strategies to help you achieve your work-related goals, both personal and professional. The exercises in this module aim to help you reconnect with your Authentic Self. You'll discover, revisit and apply personal leadership strategies that enable you to achieve your goals, boost your resilience and unleash your untapped potential.

Delivery Method

Interactive content featuring quizzes and reflective activities.

Assessment for each module to gauge your learning.

E-Learning Package

Our comprehensive package includes:

  • Exclusive and custom content – incorporating the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety and the Authentic Self Process. This content is unique and not available through any other training provider.
  • Design and development of interactive e-learning modules.
  • Audio narration to enhance the learning experience.
  • You will receive 3 SCORM files for seamless integration with your Learning Management System. The e-learning course will be accessible through your organisation's LMS, offering flexibility for future employee training.
  • Complete white labelling of all e-learning content.
  • Company-wide roll out with no restrictions on the number of users when hosted on your organisation's Learning Management System.


Gina is a force to be reckoned with in her field. Her work is still referenced by senior leaders and managers as the go to guide, towards creating a more inclusive and psychologically safe workplace for LGBTQ+ employees.

The 2 modules she created on psychological safety and LGBTQ + support in the workplace, together with time she spent with our executive team running sessions on inclusive leadership have been invaluable. We continue to use her modules as part of OSTC’s onboarding program.

Her passion, delivery and work ethic is admirable and inspiring.

Gina was tasked to deliver the content for two Diversity & Inclusion courses by our D&I Manager.

Gina was very eager to understand the process that would bring her material to life and how she could facilitate the building stage. She was very transparent about her methodology, was spot on with her delivery times (even submitted things earlier) and she worked very collaboratively and with a very positive energy with all parties involved. She quickly picked up the capabilities of the building tools and made sure to incorporate the appropriate elements in the content she was building.

I wish all Learning Designers get to experience working with such an energetic and professional person at some point - and if you're looking for someone with her expertise, look no further.

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Training Information

Audience: Company Wide Roll Out

Course Type: E-Learning, SCORM

Cost: £20,000

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