Gina Battye Is A World Renowned Inclusion Consultant, Trainer, LGBT+ Coach & Keynote Speaker

Gina is called upon worldwide to deliver her insights, training and specialist knowledge, by leading global organisations and Fortune 500 companies.

Specialising in Authenticity (bringing all of who you are to work), creating a FULLY inclusive organisational culture (enabling everyone to be their authentic and true selves at work) AND Transgender and Non-Binary training for your organisation (LGBT+ Inclusion) - Gina unleashes untapped potential within your workforce.

Gina works with senior leaders, executives, HR teams, Diversity and Inclusion teams, as well as with individuals.

Creating breakthroughs globally for ALL employees (not just the LGBT+ ones), combining world-class training with a heavy dose of hindsight… Gina changes lives.

Gina's Workplace Discrimination Story

Gina has experienced a series of hate incidents at work, which included a significant period of bullying whilst employed in a Further Education College as a Teacher. This impacted dramatically on her physical health, which in turn affected her performance at work.  The stress she felt, as a result of the hate incidents on a daily basis, resulted in Gina having IBS - irritable bowel syndrome - a situation that led her to not be able to teach classes in the mornings.

Gina experienced daily harassment, bullying, intimidation, online abuse and teasing from her manager. Initially, Gina didn’t report this as she was too afraid to ‘out’ herself to the leadership team. She didn't want to have to explain the context of the bullying and show the evidence and she worried that as soon as she did that – they would know that she was gay. Eventually, Gina reported it alongside a breadth of evidence which documented a year of incidents, emails, communications and had witnesses. But, the woman involved was promoted! Gina was told to not progress the case any further because it would highlight her sexual orientation to colleagues and peers…

This experience is why Gina is now so passionate to help others and encourages anyone that experiences acts of hostility or harassment because of sexual orientation or gender identity, to speak up and document it as much as possible.

Gina works with leading global organisations and Fortune 500 companies to adopt good practice in the workplace, promoting a culture of inclusion throughout the whole organisation. She encourages businesses to live out the diversity and inclusion strategy and actively demonstrate every day how inclusive an employer they are to ensure all are safe and happy at work.

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