2 Day Authentic Self Workshop

Through the Authentic Self Process I teach how to be your Authentic Self at work and with your family.

During the Authentic Self Workshop, you will learn and experience the 3 steps to the Authentic Self Process: Raise, Release (includes The Soul Work™) and Reconnect.

I created the Authentic Self Process back in June 2004. Since then Paula Atherill and I have been leading retreats, 1-2-1 coaching and corporate training on the Authentic Self Process.

Paula and I will lead the workshop, which will take place over a weekend - starting on Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon.

By the end of the workshop you will not only have worked through the Process for yourself and released the things that are holding you back. You will also have powerful strategies to incorporate into your everyday life that will support you to be your Authentic Self and strengthen your relationships.

What To Expect


PM: Arrival, welcome and grounding meditation. Introduction to Gina's Authentic Self Process.


Step 1: Raise your awareness of the things that hold you back. This includes the masks you wear, the labels you carry, the conditioning you have from childhood, other people’s expectations of you, the expectations you have of yourself etc.


Step 2: Explore the unexamined thoughts and stories you have created around past experiences and expectations. Through The Soul Work™ we strip away the power and hold those thoughts have in ALL areas of your life.


Releasing Ritual: To let go of the key thoughts and patterns that are holding you back in life. This will include creating a natural offering from objects you collect locally, that represent what you want to release.


Step 3: A series of questions to raise your awareness and explore your future and your highest potential, highlighting the things you want to manifest or change in your life.


Step 3: Reconnect. You will be given 6 strategies you can take back home to incorporate into your everyday life. Each of the strategies support you to be your Authentic Self and to strengthen your relationships.

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21-23 June 2019
Friday: 19:00-21.30. Saturday: 10:00-17:00. Evening Session: 19:00-21:00. Sunday: 10:00:17:00.
90 New North Rd, Huddersfield, HD1 5NE
Introductory Offer: £200

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