Gina Battye Coaching & Mentoring

By holding the space for you to explore yourself and your life, you find answers and get real; breaking down what no longer serves you.

Gina is highly skilled at leading people to reprogramme their subconscious mind and connect you to your true and authentic self.

Getting to the heart of the matter using a heart centred, intuitive and practical approach, Gina cuts through all the conditioning, comparison to others and false beliefs.

Gina’s intuitive ability to understand you on a level deeper than you know yourself, is super powerful – shifting your perspective and lifting your consciousness to a whole new level.

Hearing your unvoiced questions, anticipating your need and giving voice to your emotional life, Gina has created deep, lasting internal shifts for people on 6 continents.

Does This Stuff Actually Work?

Yes. The reason it works is because Gina is at peace with intimacy and encourages a deepening of the conversation and relationship with yourself. She gravitates towards discussions where you are committed to searching for truth and reason and will ask you questions you have never been asked before.

We are humbled to have happy, confident individuals that have explored with Gina from Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Africa.

To be perfectly clear, Gina’s courses aren’t for everyone. If you are not an action taker, are not open to experience new things and not willing to fully commit your time and energy in the course – this isn’t for you.