The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety

Does your workplace have a culture where everyone feels safe to bring their whole self to work?

If not, it is likely you don't have a psychologically safe environment.

There are 5 key areas that cultivate an environment where people, teams and businesses thrive. These 5 areas are known as the 5 Pillars.

The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety are principles and teachings that are applicable to workplaces and their people around the globe, whether working in an office or online.

There is no place for silo mentality when it comes to your diversity and inclusion strategy.

Psychological safety by its very nature is intersectional.

Creating a psychologically safe workplace is diversity and inclusion IN action.

As featured in Thrive Global.

What Is Psychological Safety?

“Psychological safety in the workplace means that every single person in an organisation is able to bring their whole self to work.

No hiding, no censoring and no pretending to be someone else.

When you have a psychologically safe environment, people communicate and collaborate effectively and a culture of curiosity and creativity is cultivated.”

- Gina Battye

The 5 Pillars Of Psychological Safety

5 Pillars of Psychological Safety - Gina Battye

Pillar 1 - SELF

SELF refers to you. Who you are. What influences your thoughts and behaviour. How you cope with life. How you show up in the workplace. The first pillar centres around Gina's signature Authentic Self Process. The Authentic Self Process is a powerful 3 step system to release the masks you wear and the stories you have created – so you can bring ALL of who you are to work and life.

Pillar 2. SOCIAL

SOCIAL explores how you interact with colleagues, managers and leadership teams. Imagine everything you have just uncovered about your SELF. The person at the next desk to you has all that going on within them too! Now you know all this, SOCIAL takes you through what is going on behind the scenes of your interactions with others, what influences how you respond and react in conversations and how to use this knowledge to strengthen your interactions and connection with other people.


COLLABORATION delves into the nuts and bolts of team working and how to cultivate trust and work in collaboration with others. In COLLABORATION you explore the environment, the culture of the organisation and how to empower and enable effective collaboration in teams. Gina takes you through safe spaces, ground rules, conflict resolution plans, the 4 steps to effective communication and the foundations for exceptional team working – all of which are integral to powerful COLLABORATION.


CURIOSITY. Didn't kill the cat. It made the cat wiser. Gina delves into how to create a culture of experimentation, contribution and reflective questioning. Here mistakes are made and lessons are learned. Constructive and active feedback is sought and received and there is a willingness to learn, both professionally and personally. This is not only actively encouraged but positively practised - creating a culture of innovation.


CREATIVITY. "I can't draw". No worries, you don't need to be able to. Everyone is born with innate creativity. But over the years you have been told to "keep your ideas to yourself" and to "not make a fuss." Hearing these messages you suppress your creativity and don't speak up. In CREATIVITY you explore how to create a culture where new ideas and alternative perspectives are welcomed. One where everyone has a voice and all ideas are valued, considered and discussed openly.

The Authentic Self Process

The Authentic Self Process is the first of The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety. It is the foundational building block for the 5 Pillars.

The Authentic Self Process is a powerful 3 step system to release the masks you wear and the stories you have created – so you can bring ALL of who you are to work and life.

There are 3 steps to the Authentic Self Process: Raise, Release and Reconnect.

To find out more about The Authentic Self Process, click here.


Gina Battye Psychological Safety LGBT Training

Gina Battye is a world renowned Psychological Safety and LGBT inclusion consultant and trainer for multinational corporations, Fortune 500s, TV, film, radio and the global press.

Since Gina defined the 5 Pillars Of Psychological Safety and the 3 Step Authentic Self Process, Gina has been inundated with Psychological Safety and LGBT training and consultancy requests from FTSE 100, Fortune 500s & multinational corporations in the US & the UK.

Gina's 5 Pillars are the foundations and building blocks being used around the world to create fully inclusive workplaces.

Gina's work has been featured widely in the media, including Sky News, BBC, Forbes, The Telegraph, BBC Three, The Times, Metro, The Sun, Psychologies, Cosmopolitan, Pink News, Vice, Gay Star News, Diva and Curve.

Creating breakthroughs globally for individuals, employees and organisations using the 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety and her Authentic Self Process; combining world class training with a heavy dose of hindsight, Gina changes lives.